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Saltwater Scientist Andrej Brummer

Hi, I’m Andrej Brummer, the #SaltwaterScientist

I am a biological scientist who has had a life-long interest in the world of marine organisms. Growing up on the sea shores of New Zealand and Australia I learned a healthy respect for ocean conservation and sustainable aquarium keeping.

In my formative years I will admit, I killed many a fish and a few corals in aquariums before I learned what it took to keep captive marine life thriving through trial, error and scientific training.

I enjoy raving about Tangs, LPS corals and how to be a sustainable saltwater aquarium hobbyist to anyone that will listen.

Now I am proud to say I have advised and educated over 3000 saltwater aquarium hobbyists through my best selling “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals” ebook, “Saltwater Aquarium Advice” Facebook page and my widely followed blog.

I went on to publish my  “Saltwater Aquarium Success Series” of 4 books about coral success, marine fish disease, correct aquarium set up and creating a pristine aquatic environment.

More recently I’ve opened up my Saltwater Aquarium Advice Academy – my mentoring program where I help people take their aquariums to the next level by providing weekly online classes, personalized support, and access to all of my books and resources.

Andrej Brummer: The Making Of The Saltwater Scientist

My love affair with the denizens of the ocean began at an early age, when my sisters and I would spend hours exploring rock pools.

Andrej Brummer Saltwater Scientist When I was 6 my father moved to Thailand, so every trip to visit him involved snorkeling and examining the weird and wonderful creatures that live in tropical reef environments.

All this contact with the ocean quickly moved into an obsession with saltwater aquariums.

My first aquarium was a complete disaster because my family (like so many people) didn’t know enough about the marine life to keep them healthy for the long term.

This led to the realization that a saltwater aquarium really is a science which in turn led to a keen interest in biology and a lot of marine life based research.

Jump forward 10 years and I had spent a lot of time in the lab, learning about creating optimum marine environments and the ins and outs of maintaining super-healthy eco-systems.

I discovered that for quite a complicated hobby, there is very little quality information around and often what information you do find is contradicted by another website, book or self-proclaimed “expert” online.

andrej-scientist-at-workThe bottom line is a saltwater aquarium has very little room for error, so you need to get it right!

After all my marine life based study, research and experience and being asked countless questions by other marine aquarists I decided to write Ultimate Secrets To Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals to set the story straight and translate all the technical information into an easy to understand format.

Since then I have gone on to completely re-write this first book, and create several others; How To Design, Plan And Bring To Life A Thriving Tank, Creating The Perfect Tank Environment, Success With Corals, and Marine Fish Health And Disease.

Keeping a saltwater aquarium is a simple process when you have the right knowledge. There is no need to make the same mistakes that I and so many others have made and watch your pets die before your eyes.

Saltwater Aquarium AdviceEveryone deserves to have a thriving marine aquarium that will be a source of joy and relaxation for years to come.

Your beautiful marine creatures deserve to have a life as good as, if not better than in the wild and this can only come through the right education and using quality aquarium products.

My goal for my mentoring Academy, books, Facebook page, and blog is to help people avoid all the common mistakes that end up with 80% of saltwater aquarium owners leaving the hobby after 2 years, usually down a few thousand dollars.

I aim provide the best information available and help saltwater aquarium owners around the world enjoy the thrill of their own thriving marine aquarium.
I really believe the saltwater aquarium hobby is truly important to the future of the planets marine species.

It is a way of repopulating the oceans wild stocks of endangered corals, marine fish and invertebrates by learning how to get these animals to reproduce in captive systems. Having a thriving saltwater aquarium and being part of this should be something that anybody can learn how to do without making mistakes.

If I could I would spend the rest of my life underwater discovering new species and learning how to save the coral reefs of the world…

You can get my 9 free saltwater success tools here.

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