Free Tools

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

⪼ Mimic the ocean – exactly how to simulate the 4 crucial physical conditions of the natural coral reef environment

⪼ How to avoid the 10 most common potentially fatal pitfalls

⪼ How to choose the RIGHT marine fish or invertebrate for your system and avoid those specimens you will regret in the future…

Specific steps to creating fantastic quality water that will have your marine pets not only surviving but thriving!

⪼ My scientists’ secrets to highly efficient and easy saltwater aquarium maintenance that will ensure your marine life support system is working at it’s best

⪼ How to identify and minimize stress in its many forms in your saltwater aquarium. Stress is the number one killer of captive marine fish and invertebrates

⪼ What it takes to provide a correct diet for your marine life so colors are more vivid, activity levels are higher and your marine pets live longer


My saltwater aquarium “9 Success Tools” provides the basics to success with a marine aquarium, including Fish Only tanks, Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR) tanks, and Reef tanks. An excellent free resource for all saltwater aquarists!