Hey, saltwater aquarium fans!

From time to time every saltwater aquarium owner can come up against problems. But, if you have the right knowledge and have done everything as you should problems should be kept to an absolute minimum or even never occur at all.

Many of the problems that commonly occur in saltwater aquariums can easily be prevented with some straightforward precautionary measures. I consider the following to be the nine golden rules to a trouble-free marine aquarium:

1. Regular scheduled maintenance of your aquarium; especially including regular partial water changes, removal of algae, water quality testing and adjusting parameters as necessary.

2. Understanding marine life compatibility and choosing species that will get along together.

Copperband Butterflyfish3. Knowing how to choose the right fish or invertebrate and how to spot sick, unhealthy ones.

4. Correct stocking levels for your aquarium set-up. Your aquarium should not be too crowded, If in doubt under stock!

5. Setting up the aquarium correctly with good quality, appropriate equipment that will easily handle your marine life’s requirements and filtration that will be able to deal with their waste adequately.

6. Enough water movement in your aquarium. You want copious multi-directional flow (especially in reef aquariums) from strategically placed powerheads not directly aimed at any sessile invertebrate.

7. Fantastic quality water that is well oxygenated and appropriately lit for your marine life.

8. Providing a good quality, well balanced diet for your marine pets paying special attention to their individual requirements (by this I mean giving plant matter to herbivores and flesh to carnivores).

9. Providing an underwater environment with the minimum of stresses to your marine life (such as excessive heat, vibration, chemicals).

If you have all these bases covered you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success, which also means minimal money spent, stress and time on your behalf which we can all agree is a good thing.

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