Marine Fish Health and Disease

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So for those of you who need a translation to understand my Kiwi accent… here’s what I just said in the video:

Hi, I’m Andrej Brummer, and today I want to talk to you about marine fish diseases.

So many people, from beginners all the way through to experts, think that saltwater aquarium disease has to be a fact of life in your saltwater tank.

But I’m here today to tell you that it’s not true!

You don’t have to have all these dying marine fish, you don’t have to spend all this money on medicating.

You don’t have to panic and break down your tank and clean it and quarantine, because you can actually prevent up to 90% of all disease breakouts in saltwater aquariums by using some clever tricks.

I’ve written a new book called “Marine Fish Health and Disease” that tells you everything you need to know about getting rid of up to 90% of disease breakouts in your saltwater tank.

My book has 2 main aspects;

The first one is preventing marine fish diseases.  How to identify the disease, how to quarantine, acclimate; how to take care of everything so that 90% of disease cannot come into your tank.

The second part is how to ensure good health for your marine fish.  So that’s diet, minimizing stress, minimizing compatibility issues, providing a good environment, doing everything you can to enhance the health of your fish, which will minimize disease.

Why don’t you have a look at my eBook, Marine Fish Health and Disease, and see what it can do for you and your saltwater aquarium.


Introducing… Marine Fish Health and Disease

Marine Fish Diseases Health and Disease

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There are two sides to having healthy, thriving marine fish;


1) One is providing a healthy environment, water quality and diet

2) The other is avoiding disease and effectively treating it if it does arise.

A disease breakout in a saltwater aquarium can be the stuff nightmares are made of…


If you don’t act quickly and make the right choices immediately the situation can end up costing you the lives of your beautiful marine pets and often some serious money.

But 90% of all cases of saltwater aquarium marine fish diseases can be avoided, if you know what you are doing.

My new book “Marine Fish Health And Disease” is written to give you all the tools you need to avoid marine fish disease altogether. 

Marine Fish Diseases and Health
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Disease is often viewed as a fact of life in saltwater aquariums, even for experienced aquarists, but actually, if you adhere to a few, simple strategies it can be virtually wiped out.


In this book I focus on teaching you easy to understand, simple procedures to eliminate disease and stress in marine fish, these principles also work for corals and other invertebrates.

My secondary focus is ensuring good health for the lifetime of your marine pets, this is achieved by being shown how to pick the RIGHT fish, put together a compatible community of marine organisms, create a stress free environment and provide correct nutrition essential to good health.

My eBook “Marine Fish Health and Disease” tells you exactly what is required to give you and your marine life the best chance of success and avoid the issues where most people go wrong with saltwater aquariums. 

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I was a qualified biological scientist who studied marine biology at university
my expensive fish died, I had disease breakouts, nasty water chemistry issues wreaked havoc in my tank and I watched my corals turn to slime before my eyes!


A lot of things went wrong for me because I thought that I could learn things on the fly and there wouldn’t be so much to know to keep my marine life healthy. Wrong!

I ended up spending a lot more money than I should have. I had to deal with expensive fish suddenly dying, white spot breakouts, expensive medications, bleaching and bacterial infections in corals. It really was horrible.

When I was starting out I did a LOT of research online, everything and everyone advised me something different. I didn’t know where to turn.

After becoming fed up with failure I decided to finally apply my biology degree to the problem and do things according to zoological, ecological and environmental principles I had learned, this required a lot of research and to experiment, test and measure everything scientifically but finally; saltwater aquarium success was mine!

Years later after helping thousands of aspiring saltwater aquarists achieve success, I have decided to share all of my saltwater aquarium expertise in an easy to understand format;

My brand new eBook: “Marine Fish Health And Disease”.Marine Fish Diseases and Health
Get Marine Fish Health and Disease Now

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Marine Fish diseases review


Marine Fish Diseases Testimonial

Here’s a tiny glimpse of what’s inside my eBook


  • Exactly how to quickly identify and effectively treat the “big 3” saltwater aquarium marine fish diseases before they take hold. You usually only have 1 chance at this.
  • Marine fish diseases or Healthy marine lifeMost causes of marine fish disease breakouts aren’t actually pathogens or parasites, but environmental factors. Learn how to eliminate them in your aquarium.
  • How to use “intelligent selection” to choose the ideal specimen, that will work for you and your tank, every time.
  • Understand the health requirements and selection tips for Tangs.
  • happy heathly saltwater fishThe questions to ask and observations to make at your local fish store to ensure you don’t go home with a fish that is going to cost you money.
  • Understand the health requirements and selection tips for Butterflyfish.
  • Good water equals good health; learn the easiest way to ensure optimal water conditions.
  • How to deal with your bully fish and other forms of saltwater aquarium aggression.
  • Eliminate marine fish diseases from your aquariumUnderstand marine fish nutrition for your species of fish.
  • Understand the health requirements and selection tips for Angelfish.
  • Use the correct acclimation procedure to make sure your new pet isn’t in the 80% who don’t make it from reef to home.
  • Use a combination of food types to give your marine fish the optimal diet that will ensure better colouration, good growth and dynamic behaviour.
  • How to read the behavioural and physical early warning signs of disease.
  • marine fish diseases or thriving marine lifeExactly what you should have in your saltwater aquarium first aid kit to save lives.
  • Prevent disease using a fail-safe quarantine strategy that most public aquariums and fish breeders swear by.
  • How to virtually eliminate fish stress; the underlying cause of most disease.
  • How to stock your tank effectively to minimise marine life stress and conflict.


Marine Fish diseases review


Marine Fish Diseases review

Don’t wait until it is too late, my eBook can help you and your saltwater aquarium, get your copy today…

If you intend to succeed with your saltwater aquarium then my eBook

“Marine Fish Health and Disease”

will be the definitive key to your success.


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Many people’s tanks fail because they don’t know all there is to know about creating a stable, good quality life support system for their aquariums.

Get your copy of “Marine Fish Health and Disease”  now and give your saltwater aquarium fish the best possible chance to thrive.

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On top of that…I’m giving you my Saltwater Scientist’s Success blueprint.  I spent years at university and then in the lab refining, testing and measuring these techniques. How much do you think that’s worth?

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Marine fish diseases

A thriving reef is NOT a no-brainer


Free eBook 1: Guide to Making Your Saltwater Aquarium Self-Funding

How would you like to learn how with a small amount of effort and cost you could potentially turn your hobby into something that can generate income? You might be able to make your tank completely self-funding or take it further and start making some additional income.

This guide reveals 5 powerful ways you can do this starting right now. Here’s a small taste of what you will learn:

  • How propagating corals, invertebrates and sea plants can generate profit.
  • How to go about breeding fish, corals and invertebrates for income.
  • What you need to know to grow prized specimens of marine life you can then onsell.
  • How to create the right conditions and environmental cues fish need to breed.
  • How you can easily provide nesting materials for nesting species to spawn.
  • What you need to know about the different breeding habits of fish species and what species are easier to breed than others.

Guide to Making Money from your Saltwater Aquarium

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Free eBook 2: Guide to Propagation of Invertebrates, Corals and Sea Plants

How good would it be to be able to effectively “clone” your Invertebrates, Corals and Sea plants? Think of the possibilities, do it for yourself and friends or even get store credits or sell a couple on the side.

A peek inside:

  • What is propagation, how it works: the principles and techniques
  • How you can propagate your own Invertebrates, Corals and Sea Plants
  • Successful propagation tips and advice for avoiding contamination
  • What equipment you need for effective propagation
  • The conditions and tank environment needed for propagated ‘frags’ to take
  • How to avoid disease in your propagated specimens

Guide to Propagation of Invertebrates, Corals and Sea Plants

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Free Bonus 3: Saltwater Aquarium Set-Up Checklist

Takes the pain out of your tank set-up. An easy to use, step-by-step checklist when setting up a new fish only, fish only with live rock or reef aquarium.

Make purchasing all the right equipment (and none of the unnecessary stuff) easy. This saves a lot of unnecessary guessing and cost.

It is yours as part of this ultimate package!


Marine fish diseases review


marine fish diseases review


marine fish diseases review

Get Marine Fish Health and Disease Now
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Marine Fish Health and Disease is designed to be the definitive saltwater aquarium resource for easily eliminating marine fish diseases from your aquarium and having thriving marine life…

Lets look at what you’re getting…all available for instant download

Here’s what you get…

Separate Purchase

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Total Value:


Your Price:


Total package Savings:


Mastering the saltwater aquarium hobby was hard work


The biology degree, pouring over marine biology textbooks, years of trial and error using “research” tanks, studying different species of fish, corals and invertebrates and taking research notes for weeks on end.


If you don’t think it’s hard to find accurate saltwater aquarium information out there, just ask a few questions on forums and see how many different answers you get!

And what you get with my eBook is the simplified, distilled essence of all that knowledge, my goal was to produce the most easy to follow tools for having happy healthy marine life ever assembled.
Get Marine Fish Health and Disease Now
This book will give you all the tools to guarantee the long term health of your marine fish by avoiding disease AND help you to take active steps to provide an optimal aquatic environment that ensures good health.

Remember the health of your marine fish will dictate exactly how well they do in your tank and how long they survive, preventing disease and learning how to enhance health should be the top priority of any saltwater aquarium owner.

Get your copy of “Marine Fish Health and Disease” now and give your saltwater aquarium fish the best possible chance.

>>> Plus Bonus Inside <<<

16 popular marine fish species fact sheets; everything you need to know to get the 16 most popular species thriving.


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…The Bottom Line

So why would you invest in a toolkit like this and not just get this knowledge from your local aquarium store or online forum?

There are two reasons:


1. People simply don’t know this stuff, and why would they? Try finding a degree qualified pet shop employee who studied marine biology at university, I have, and they just don’t exist. 

2. No offence but pet stores might not want you to know this stuff anyway. Anyone equipped with this information is going to spend way less at the pet store when things don’t go wrong constantly and when they can’t be deceived into buying a useless, overpriced product or piece of equipment or new additive. How can they make a decent living when marine aquarium savvy people like me only need to purchase fish food?

>>>>>Knowledge is king!<<<<<


Regular Price: $47   Today Only: $9.99


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Consider the costs and anguish of getting it wrong with your marine aquarium; it can easily escalate into hundreds of dollars each time.

You are getting the benefit of my many years of practical and theoretical research and experience.

I have fine-tuned the science every step of the way to make it easy, user friendly and highly valuable to you so you can shortcut your way to success.

In fact, I guarantee it.

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Andrej Brummer, BSc. Biological Sciences & Saltwater Scientist


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However, I have created a way where you CAN see results.  Results that can offer tangible changes in the health and success of your saltwater aquarium… that can push you in the direction of the stunning tank you want.

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