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Book 1: How to Design, Plan and Bring to Life a Thriving Tank

Saltwater Aquarium Set Up How to Design, Plan and Bring to live a thriving tank.

Get the key concepts to setting up your ultimate Saltwater Aquarium Tank.  This book covers everything from a basic Fish-Only Set-Up to advanced Reef Set-Ups.

Learn everything you need to know to make the right equipment choices and how to choose your marine life.

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Book 2: Creating the Perfect Tank Environment

Saltwater aquarium ebook Creating The Perfect Tank Environment.

Without pristine water quality your marine aquarium is doomed from the start.

Learn what it takes to have the perfect saltwater tank environment for your marine life to thrive.

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Book 3: Success With Corals

Saltwater Aquarium Ebook Success With Corals.

Corals are the most tricky marine pets to get thriving.

Learn about coral health, diagnosing disease, fragging, they physical and chemical conditions required, and all the tools to have happy corals.

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Book 4: Marine Fish Health and Disease

Marine Fish Health and Disease.

Keeping your marine fish healthy is how you have a stunning aquarium.

Learn how to easily diagnose disease, feeding, and conditions required for your marine fish to thrive.

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Comprehensive Saltwater Aquarium Checklists

All of the checklists you will need for fish-only, FOWLR, and reef tanks.


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